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CTS Cleanmail - About us:

The CTS cleanmail managed email filtering and security service was founded in April 2004, the result of finding a solution for one of our very good clients. Essentially this client's email server was often slow and unresponsive and sometimes stopped completely causing many frustrations. Largely this was due to the spam and anti-virus gateway software overwhelming the server's resources due to the sheer volumes of unwanted mail.

Given that both cash and skilled IT support resources were in short supply it was decided to investigate the managed services model as an alternative to pouring more money into the server room.

Various managed spam and virus filtering services were approached. Leading companies such as Messagelabs, Postini, MXlogic and Blackspider to name but a few. Responses ranged from;  no reply at all to $50,000US minimum annual spends. It seemed the "leaders" only wanted to play with the big boys, and had little regard at the time for the problems of the typical Small to Medium Business [SME] and the global network of 495 IT support specialists who support them.

To cut a long story short, we soon located and partnered with a competitive managed service, then operating in both the Asian and the US markets. They were prepared to partner with Computer Troubleshooters, and to work with them to provide the level of managed service and support that their many SME customers require. 

Incidentally the original customer's email server remains in operation today unaltered and hasn't suffered an overload stoppage or slowdown since.

Presently the CTS cleanmail operation is owned and managed by Computer Troubleshooters,  Hamilton North, NZ, and is available Worldwide to all 495 Computer Troubleshooters franchisees in 22 countries, and their important  SME customers.

The Computer Troubleshooters Hamilton North Franchise has the dubious honour of being the largest franchisee in the CTS group every year since 2001 and recently shared the winning of the Marketing Excellence award at the Australasian conference in recognition of their efforts in their local market.

Note: The CTS cleanmail, managed spam and virus filtering and security service is also available to all businesses and organizations, regardless of whether they use Computer Troubleshooters for their IT support or not. Given that the service is currently in use in Asia by 4 of the regions largest banks, we are able to provide this excellent managed service to the corporate sector as well.

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