CTS cleanmail managed spam and virus email filter solution

relax - using cts cleanmail to manage  spam and virus security is easy

Spam & virus free email has never been easier ...

Spam has reached unprecedented levels. Threats to security and disruptions caused by Spam, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Phishing and Directory Harvest Attacks are seriously impacting on the security of businesses and organizations worldwide and the performance of their business lifeline - email.

CTScleanmail is a professionally managed enterprise quality spam and virus filtering service brought to you by the team at Computer Troubleshooters.

Harmful security threats to your organization from spam and virus laden emails are now a thing of the past. Take back control of your inbox - click here for a free evaluation.

Features :

  • No hardware or software required - No patches to download or manage.
  • No training or implementation costs.
  • Threat removal and protection against virus outbreaks using Commtouch's Zero-Hourâ„¢ Virus Protection Solution plus regular antivirus scanning by an additional two leading signature based anti virus products.
  • Effectively blocks more than 97% of all spam using multilayered anti spam mechanisms, such as Bayesian, Heuristic, RBL, Whitelists & Blacklists.
  • Simple monthly [or annual] fee based on the number of mailboxes in the domain for your organization.
  • Platform Independent - Works with Microsoft Exchange, Notes, Open Source, POP3, SMTP, IMAP etc.
  • Safely queues your email for up to 4 days if your mail server is down.
  • Reduces network bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 90%
  • Reduces the operating load on your mail server and improves response times for users.
  • Quick to implement - only requires a simple MX change.
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commtouch zero-hour virus protection beats signature based anti-virus systems

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